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4 Reasons to Finish Meals With Dessert July 31, 2019

Fort Greene, Brooklyn
4 Reasons to Finish Meals With Dessert, Brooklyn, New York

“No, no, I can’t have dessert!” is the common cry of too many restaurant-goers. Yet the delectable dessert menus at your favorite establishments don’t have to be something you always say “Absolutely not!” to. Save room for dessert the next time you are out to eat to enjoy a variety of surprising benefits that help you leave the restaurant smiling.

4 Reasons to Order Dessert After Your Next Restaurant Meal

1. Nutrition

Many desserts come loaded with nutrients. Ice cream contains calcium to help bone and tooth enamel health, while dark chocolate features free radical-destroying antioxidants. Citrus desserts include lots of vitamin C. Desserts are also carbohydrate sources, and while many are simple carbs, they still provide the body with fuel and energy.

2. Mood Boost

restaurantBiting into a sumptuous cake slice or other wow-worthy dessert encourages the release of serotonin, one of those feel-good brain chemicals responsible for sleep regulation among other functions. Chocolate desserts are especially appealing in this regard, as chocolate contains theobromine, a stimulant that increases blood flow and boosts pleasure.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know certain desserts can lower your blood pressure and subsequently your risk of heart problems such as stroke? Studies have found dark chocolate, which contains flavonoids, among other heart-friendly compounds, lowers blood pressure as well as bad cholesterol without affecting good cholesterol levels.

4. Weight Loss

Indulging in dessert plays a surprising role in weight loss. Deprivation-based diets often lead to binging and eating too many calories, something dessert allowances eliminate. 


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