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4 Common Suspension Issues May 6, 2019

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4 Common Suspension Issues, Anchorage, Alaska

Your car’s suspension system works to optimize friction between the tire and road surface while improving the ride quality and steering stability. Without it, riding would feel imbalanced and bumpy even on level ground. If you notice excessive bouncing, difficulty turning, noises, or uneven tire wear, these are red flags that your suspension system is faulty, and you need auto repairs

What Are the Most Common Suspension Problems?

1. Worn Shock Absorbers or Struts

Also known as dampers, shock absorbers are designed to dissipate energy from a vehicle’s up-down movements. Suspension struts and anti-sway bars have the same primary purpose. If you have a faulty shock absorber or strut, you will notice bouncing after bumps, as well as shaking on unpaved roads. For vehicles with struts, listen for knocking sounds as you drive on bumps.  

2. Damaged Spring

auto repairSprings in the suspension system support the vehicle’s weight and compensate for any irregularities on the ground surface. They are also responsible for maintaining the height of your car. When springs wear out over time, the vehicle will appear to be sitting lower on one corner. Check for this when your vehicle is on even ground. Other signs to look for include clunking sounds when navigating bumps and hard turns on corners. If you have damaged springs, head to an auto repair facility. 

3. Broken Ball Joints

In addition to dampers, ball joints also absorb energy during the up and down movements. They serve as pivot points attaching the suspension to the wheels, so they also rotate whenever the steering angle changes. Have them replaced in an auto repair shop when you hear squeaking or creaking noises during turns.

4. Bent Control Arms

Control arms connect the suspension system to the chassis and link the wheels to the steering to provide lateral support. When they get bent due to wear and tear, it can lead to bumpy rides, handling issues, and faster tire wear. Look for clunking or rattling noises and loose steering to determine if this is the problem. 


When you need suspension system repairs, contact F.A.T.S. Service. Located in Anchorage, AK, their ASE®-certified technicians have provided exceptional auto repair and maintenance services, including oil changes and tuneups, since 1984. Call (907) 561-5721 or visit their website to get a free service estimate. 

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