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4 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your iPhone® May 9, 2019

Highland Village, Denton
4 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your iPhone®, Highland Village, Texas

Batteries on most smartphones are designed to last for an entire day, and the iPhone® is no exception. But if you find yourself reaching for the charger by noon, you may need to take it to an iPhone repair specialist. However, before doing that, there are a few tips you should try first. 

How to Optimize Your iPhone’s Battery Life

1. Check the Battery Usage

Take a look at your device’s usage to see which apps are squeezing the most juice out of the battery. Uninstall apps that use too much energy when loading. Instead, access them via an internet browser app. Disable power-draining features like Background App Refresh, Fetch New Data, and Location Services, unless these are crucial for you.

2. Adjust Your Settings

iPhone repairTurning down your screen brightness, reducing the volume, and disabling unused features like cellular data and Bluetooth will boost your battery life. Switch to Airplane Mode when you have spotty cell coverage to prevent your iPhone from searching for a signal. If you have a heavily used app that pushes notifications frequently, turn it off to prevent alerts from waking up your device. Every time your phone lights up, it drains your battery. If you’re not sure which apps to delete, consult an iPhone repair specialist. 

3. Update the iOS®

To prolong your battery’s life span, keep your operating software up-to-date. Apple® regularly releases updates and patches for iOS to address issues, bugs, security vulnerabilities, and battery glitches. Make sure to update your phone as soon as the update is released. 

4. Turn on Low Power Mode

Apple introduced Low Power Mode with the release of iOS 9. As the name implies, it is a handy feature that automatically puts your phone in power conservation mode when your battery is at 20% or lower. Fortunately, you can turn it on even if your battery is at a healthy level. It preserves power by reducing system animations and suspending content downloads. However, it still enables essential functions for phone calls, messages, and emails.   


When you’ve tried the above tips but aren’t seeing a major improvement, head to Experimax Highland Village to speak to an iPhone repair specialist. Located in Lewisville, TX, their experts provide outstanding repairs for the iPhone, iPad®, MacBook®, and iMac®. Serving Denton County, they also carry an extensive selection of new and used Apple devices. Call (972) 317-0978 or visit them online to make an iPhone repair appointment.