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When Should I Replace My Windshield Wipers? April 30, 2019

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When Should I Replace My Windshield Wipers?, Fairbanks, Alaska

Windshield wipers help drivers see no matter the weather. When it comes to big rigs, maintaining visibility can help drivers stay alert and prevent road accidents during inclement weather. Since wipers are used so regularly, they can get damaged over time, which could give you trouble on the road. To help you identify when it’s time to replace them, here are some indicators that you need new windshield wipers to improve your safety and visibility.

4 Signs Windshield Wipers Need Changing

1. Streaking

As the blades move from one side to the other, they shouldn’t leave behind any marks on your windshield. If you see streaks, the rubber blades are likely damaged or dirty and aren’t making direct contact with the glass, so replace them to ensure your visibility isn’t compromised in inclement weather. 

2. Frame Issues

Car washes, accidents and removing ice from the windshield can all damage the wiper frames. If the frames are bent, get new ones to ensure they aren’t knocking into each other as they work and can reach the surface of the windshield to wipe it properly.

3. Noise 

windshield wipersIt’s normal to hear a slight swooshing sound as the windshield wipers move. However, if this sound turns into a chattering or scraping noise, the metal blades may be scratching your glass. To prevent damage to your truck’s windshield, replace your wipers.

4. Corroded Metal

People often assume that as long as their wiper blades are intact, they don’t need new ones. However, if the metal arm that holds your blade is rusted or corroded, it could break off suddenly and damage your windshield. Regularly inspect your truck’s wipers for rusted metal, and if you spot any issues, replace your wipers to ensure your visibility is always at one hundred.


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