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3 Tips for Safe Motorcycle Operation May 13, 2019

Earl, Lancaster
3 Tips for Safe Motorcycle Operation, Earl, Pennsylvania

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and exciting experience. However, it can also be dangerous, and potentially fatal, if not taken seriously. If you plan to purchase a motorcycle soon, use this guide to increase your safety while on the road. 

How to Stay Safe While Riding Your Motorcycle

1. Wear a Helmet 

In the event of an accident, a helmet would protect you from severe head and neck injuries, which are the number one cause of death in motorcycle wrecks. A helmet reduces the deceleration of the skull and brain movement. It will also absorb some of the impact and distribute the rest over a larger surface area to prevent a concentrated blow. For the most protection, select a full-face helmet to minimize any facial injuries, prevent wind abrasion, and keep bugs away. Make sure you have other gear to minimize the risk of scrapes, such as a leather jacket and boots. 

2. Perform an Inspection Before Trips

motorcyclesAlways fully inspect the state of your motorcycle before driving it anywhere. Check the tire tread and pressure and inspect the rubber for any visible bulges or cracks. Look under the bike for any signs of leaks, and check that all fluid levels are topped up. Next, examine the condition of your brake pads and make sure the brake levers have normal pressure. Finally, test your high and low beams, clean off the mirrors, and confirm the throttle and clutch are working correctly.

3. Choose a Bike That Matches Your Performance Level

The right motorcycle should suit your riding needs, body type, and experience level. If you’re a new rider, you'll be safer operating a bike that doesn't have too much power—engine smaller than 600 cubic centimeters. As you'll likely drop it a few times early on, you also don’t want to choose a bike that's too heavy or expensive right off the bat. Additionally, select a model with an anti-lock braking system, as new riders tend to squeeze the brake lever too tight and cause the brakes to lock and slide. 

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