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3 Tips for Navigating Child Custody May 2, 2019

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3 Tips for Navigating Child Custody, Silvis, Illinois

Navigating the challenges of a co-parenting arrangement is one of the most difficult hurdles of divorce. Working with an experienced divorce attorney is an effective way to ensure all parties’ best interests are satisfied when a final agreement is made. With that said, there are some additional tips to bear in mind to help the process go as amicably as possible.

3 Tips for a Amicably Negotiating Child Custody

1. Understand the Co-Parent’s Role

While ill feelings sometimes linger between ex-spouses, remember that your former partner is still a parent to your child. Take a fair and goal-oriented approach by putting your child first as you navigate custody arrangements. This will ensure that your child has access to the nurturing they need from both parents to thrive and grow up well-adjusted.

2. Think About Major Milestones

divorce attorneyWhile the process of divorce may leave you emotionally sensitive at first, it’s helpful to think ahead while navigating a custody agreement with your divorce attorney. For instance, think of how school performances, sports games, graduations, and other milestones should be shared; as joyous celebrations for everyone. When co-parenting is approached with an open mind and an emphasis on the child’s best interest, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy these events.

3. Be Flexible

Your divorce attorney will help to craft a co-parenting arrangement that respects your interests, but each parent will have to compromise to some degree. Both sides will have to work to support the custody agreement. But, there will be times when the other parent may have schedule changes or other impeding unforeseen circumstances that you will need to accommodate. If you’re receptive to their needs, they may extend the same courtesy to you, too.


If you need a divorce attorney to help you approach the separation as amicably as possible, turn to Pepping, Balk, Kincaid & Olson Ltd. As lawyers that specialize in family law and divorce, these professionals serve Rock Island County, IL, and have more than 75 years of combined experience. View their full list of family law services online or call (309) 755-5096 to schedule a consultation.

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