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3 Common Heating & AC Unit Sounds May 15, 2019

New Berlin, Waukesha
3 Common Heating & AC Unit Sounds, New Berlin, Wisconsin

Whether you hear booming, clanging, or popping, if your HVAC system is making strange sounds, don’t wait to investigate. The last thing you want is to discover that your AC unit has broken down on a hot summer’s day or your heat isn’t working in the middle of winter. Here are a few of the most common HVAC system sounds and what they might mean.

What Are the Most Common Heating & AC Unit Sounds?

1. Scraping

A metallic scraping sound likely means a part inside of the system is broken or has come loose. The issue could be uncomplicated like a loose wheel on the motor that simply needs to be tightened. Alternatively, it could be more serious, such as a broken motor that needs to be replaced.

2. Rattling or Banging

ac unitA rattling or banging noise likely indicates a duct issue. Rattling suggests a foreign object, from a children’s toy to a vent screw, has fallen into the ductwork. This is especially common if you have floor vents. A banging or popping sound could also indicate accumulated dirt in the ducts, leading to a delayed ignition. In either case, it‘s likely time for a ductwork cleaning.

3. Hissing

A hissing sound is bound to mean a leak in your heating or AC unit. It’s likely the result of air escaping from the ducts and into the walls of your home. This is not complicated to fix, but it should be done promptly. You are losing energy when ducts aren’t properly sealed and secured, meaning higher utility bills and needless money lost.


If you suspect your heating or AC unit is in trouble, contact Donovan & Jorgenson for help. These HVAC contractors have been serving the Greater Milwaukee, WI, area since 1985. You can expect prompt and friendly service at reasonable rates. They provide free estimates and are available 24/7 for both business and residential repairs. Visit their website to request a quote.

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