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New Anti-Aging Facial Options & Discounts Offered at Light Touch Laser Spa August 6, 2015

NoMad, Manhattan
New Anti-Aging Facial Options & Discounts Offered at Light Touch Laser Spa, Manhattan, New York

Don’t hide from friends and family because you’re embarrassed about your skin’s current state. Enjoy clearer, rejuvenated skin with one of the many facials available at Light Touch Laser Spa in New York City. The premier laser spa offers anti-aging facial options and other treatments designed to leave you with fresh, glowing, beautiful skin.

Let’s check out some of the new facials available at Light Touch Laser Spa before booking your next appointment:

  • Rosacea Therapy: Defined as a chronic disorder of sporadic facial redness, rosacea triggers include food, chemicals, stress, and weather. It generally happens after the age of 30 and appears on the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. Rather than allowing rosacea to become severe, undergo rosacea therapy at Light Touch Laser Spa. Laser treatments are scheduled three to four weeks apart and shrink blood vessels below the skin where the problem occurs.
  • Oxygen Facial: A mixture of pure oxygen and anti-aging serum is airbrushed on the skin and body at high pressure, resulting in smooth, plump flesh.
  • Vitamin C and Collagen Facial: This anti-aging, antioxidant mask stimulates the skin via the addition of collagen. It also replicates elastin and protects against dreaded free radicals, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Glycolic Chemical Peel: Glycolic acid is the smallest a-hydroxy acid and is applied to the face, neck, and decolletage to remove the skin's top layer. The result is smooth, younger looking skin.

Currently, new clients can enjoy 20% off their next appointment, while current clients can take 30% off.

These and other facials offered by Light Touch Laser Spa allow you to radiate youthfulness, so you can enjoy looking and feeling your absolute best. Contact the experienced staff today to discuss the best facial for your skincare needs. For more on skin tightening and cosmetic laser treatments, please call (646) 926-7202 or visit the website.