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4 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary August 1, 2019

Hackensack, Bergen County
4 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary, Hackensack, New Jersey

Your anniversary is a celebration of the love you share with your partner and the life you've built together. You want it to be a special day full of shared moments and tender feelings. To help you achieve this, here are a few suggestions for your romantic evening or relaxing spa day.

Top Ideas for an Unforgettable Anniversary

1. Couples Massage

SpaThis spa service is designed specifically for two. Massages are special treats that will help soothe away tension. Kneading away tough knots and aches will leave both you and your spouse completely refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of this special day.  

2. Recreate Your First Date

Look back on your time together and celebrate how far you've come by revisiting your earliest moments as a couple. Visit the same locations, wear the same or similar clothes, and reminisce about all the highlights of your relationship. If you can’t recreate it precisely, find close alternatives. If the Italian restaurant where you enjoyed your first night out as a couple has closed, for instance, try recreating the atmosphere at home with candles, a made-from-scratch pizza, and wine from the same vineyard as the bottle you shared way back when. 

3. Try a New Activity

Anniversaries aren’t just about commemorating the past — they’re also about the future you have to enjoy together. To honor all the years yet to come, try a completely new experience. It can be as extreme as skydiving or as serene as a hot stone massage at a spa. 

4. Celebrate With Family & Friends

For many couples, this is a special day not just for you, but for everyone you love, the families united by your relationship, and the children you’ve brought into the world. Consider having a larger dinner or getting together at home for a communal celebration of your achievements as a pair.


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