Historic Downtown, New Jersey
133 Newark Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Two Boots Jersey City location opened in 2012, just across the river from Two Boots’ flagship pizza restaurant. Newark Avenue’s growing retail area now enjoys outdoor seating, comfy banquettes—soon to include wine and beer! Families, friends, and coworkers gather for fresh specialty pies like Jersey City’s own “The Boss Hague,” a combination of whole clams, Tasso, and Parmigiano.

Two Boots New Mobile App Lets You Order Any Pie From The Best Pizza Restaurant in New York August 6, 2015

Historic Downtown, Jersey City
Two Boots New Mobile App Lets You Order Any Pie From The Best Pizza Restaurant in New York, Jersey City, New Jersey

If you are a lover of Two Boots Pizza and can’t get enough, download the new Two Boots app on your tablet or smartphone today.

A New York institution since 1987, Two Boots cooks up deliciously different pizzas based off owner Phil Hartman’s love of Cajun and Italian cuisines. Along with its Pantheon of Pies that you can buy at any of its restaurants, each location has a “home” pie that you can only buy at that restaurant, as well as daily special pies on certain days of the week and wild card pizzas that only come out every once in a while.

When you download the free new app, not only will busy New Yorkers on the go be able to order pick-up or pizza delivery from the location of their choice, but they will also be able to order any of the pizzas on the menu, including the home, daily special, and wild card pies, which weren’t available on the old website ordering format.

Also available on the app is the newly created The 11 pizza, which features Zoe’s all-natural bacon, habanero peppers, capicola, jalapeno pesto, and mozzarella. Fresh and homemade coleslaw has also been added to the menu.

In the next phase of the app, mobile pay through your phone and a rewards program for loyal customers will be introduced.

If you want a pie from the best pizza restaurant in town, download the Two Boots Pizza app and order your next delicious pie! Visit the website to find the nearest location.