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3 Tips for Driving Next to a Semi-Truck July 2, 2019

Omaha, Douglas
3 Tips for Driving Next to a Semi-Truck, Omaha, Nebraska

While you should always drive safely, there are additional precautions that you should take if you’re adjacent to a semi—as crashes with these sizable vehicles can result in severe car damage, injuries, or even wrongful death. Furthermore, these trucks often have trouble moving comfortably, especially when switching lanes or turning corners. The guide below offers tips for safeguarding yourself and your passengers.

How to Drive Safely Next to a Semi

1. Steer Clear of Blind Spots

Blind spots associated with trucks are commonly referred to as “no zones.” Although trucks do have large mirrors that provide them with more enhanced views of the road, this doesn’t mean they can see everything around them—and those are precisely the spaces that you should avoid. 4,107 fatalities occurred in accidents with large trucks in 2017—many of them wrongful deaths. Use their side mirrors as your cue. If you can’t see the driver’s reflection in it, assume they can’t see you either.

wrongful death2. Avoid Cutting Them Off

Although it may seem like there’s enough space for you to zip past the semi and speed ahead of it, this is not a risk you want to take since you would have to pass through the truck’s aforementioned blind spot. Moreover, your vehicle could suffer sudden, catastrophic damage due to a failed part, which would leave you in a terrible position on the road. If you need to get ahead, try moving several lanes over to do so.

3. Be Careful When Passing

Semis are large vehicles, but it’s easy to underestimate that size when you’re on the road with them. That alone can lead to unfortunate run-ins, which could result in wrongful death. Always make sure you can see the semi in your rearview mirror before passing, and allow a few extra feet for safety’s sake. Prepare to pass responsibly by using your signal, then moving to the left as you accelerate.


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