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3 Perks to Hiring a Corporate Car Service June 19, 2019

Inwood, Manhattan
3 Perks to Hiring a Corporate Car Service, Manhattan, New York

Whether staffers have meetings near the office or plan to attend out-of-town conferences, consider hiring a car service for your company’s transportation needs. Having team members travel in sleek, well-maintained vehicles will enhance your company’s polished, professional image. For further incentive to use a corporate car service, here are additional ways your company will benefit. 

Why Savvy Professionals Hire Corporate Car Services

1. Safety

Car service companies take passenger safety seriously, which is why they follow strict protocol during the hiring process. Apart from thorough background checks, all chauffeurs are also subjected to screening for drugs and alcohol before getting behind the wheel. This way, you can rest easy knowing responsible, sober drivers are keeping team members protected as they travel. Professionals are also familiar with traffic laws in the areas they serve, reducing the risk of accidents. 

2. Time Savings

Leaving driving duties to a professional chauffeur frees up time to do New-York-New-York-car-serviceother things. While employees are traveling in the back, they can pull out laptops and make last-minute tweaks to projects, check back in with the office, answer emails, and tend to other work tasks. They can also sit back in the roomy interior cabin and enjoy downtime between appointments. 

3. Convenience

Driving in an unfamiliar city can cause a lot of stress. Memorizing maps and following unclear GPS directions can leave staffers frustrated and in a bad mood, which is less than ideal when meeting with clients. They could also get lost and end up late to appointments. Hiring a corporate car service will eliminate these headaches. Drivers will also provide door-to-door service, eliminating the hassle of finding parking spots. 


For safe, reliable corporate transportation services in the New York City area, contact First Class Car & Limo Service in Manhattan. The trained, responsible chauffeurs can provide airport transportation or pick you up and drop you off at events and appointments around town. To make a reservation, call (212) 304-1111. You can also reserve a car through the company’s free transportation app, available for Apple® and Android™ devices. Visit the car service providers online to see the fleet of Chevrolet®, Lincoln®, and Toyota® vehicles. Keep in touch on Facebook for announcements.