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Expert Math Tutors Debunk “Math Gene” Myth August 12, 2015

Downtown Milford - Harbor - Post Road South, Milford
Expert Math Tutors Debunk “Math Gene” Myth, Milford, Connecticut

Parents around the world can breathe easy now, knowing that there’s no such thing as the math gene. A recent Oxford University study found that children use the same part of their brain for reading as they do for math, and there is no genetic disposition that makes them better at the subject. At the Mathnasium of Milford, the expert math tutors know that success in math has more to do with a child’s upbringing and good study habits than any inherent gene.

The math gene myth is damaging to students, especially if they’re told by an adult that they just “aren’t a math person,” or “don’t have the math gene.” It’s untrue and can be detrimental to a child’s academic career. At Mathnasium of Milford, tutors encourage each child by explaining to them that every person is a math person; some people just learn differently.


A recent Stanford University study found that the human brain has an incredible capacity for learning and that students’ perceptions about their math ability play a large role in determining their success down the road. Although children may make mistakes and struggle with certain concepts early on, it’s not a sign they’re lacking in math ability; it’s a sign they’re getting better and overcoming obstacles.

The math tutoring experts at Mathnasium of Milford are trained to identify your child’s strengths and develop a curriculum that will help them go above and beyond your expectations. By nurturing their growth potential, the math tutors will help them realize achievable goals and strengthen their foundations. To learn more about tutoring from Mathnasium of Milford, call the staff today at (203) 783-1490, or visit the website.

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