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What Life is Like For an African American Woman Business Owner in The World of Information Technology August 6, 2015

Downtown St. Louis, St. Louis
What Life is Like For an African American Woman Business Owner in The World of Information Technology, St. Louis, Missouri

Personally, I don't want people to see my race or gender when it comes to International PROOF Systems, but I do want them to see a successful business owner who:

  • Offers a great product/service
  • Enjoys networking with others
  • Walks in integrity
  • Improves the economy by offering employment opportunities
  • Improves current processes through advanced technology

Sadly, in some instances, I feel as if others hold me captive by my race and gender, lacking the confidence that I am capable of developing a strong, successful, and profitable business. 

I realize that I can't do it alone and that I do need the support of other great people, such as: my attorneys, advisors, mentors, interns, and volunteers, etc. to help me build a successful business. It has been very difficult to obtain the needed funding for continued development, research, sales, marketing, and overhead, but I continue to keep moving forward. I have bootstrapped up to this point, investing over $40K International PROOF Systems because I believe in my product, abilities, and business.

My product, 'PROOF Smart Tags' is a part of the IoT (Internet of Things). The mere fact that several states have expressed great interest in my computerized license plate concept gives me the assurance that I'm in the sweet spot. Receiving funding would definitely provide me with the leverage that is needed in order to scale. 

I am an Ambassador of the Mosaic Project, St. Louis Ambassador, and member of the USWCC, as I build my network, I desire continued support from other great professionals, like yourself to be a part of the launch of this revolutionary computerized license plate, known as PROOF Smart Tags

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