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Why Early Spring Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System April 30, 2019

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
Why Early Spring Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System, Brooklyn, New York

During the springtime, homeowners often daydream of the hot summer days ahead. Make sure to also take a second to consider whether your HVAC system is ready for the high temperatures. Here’s why this transitional season is the perfect time to install a newer model. 

3 Benefits of a Spring HVAC Upgrade

1. Managing Unpredictable Weather 

Springtime is notorious for changing temperatures. Is your current HVAC system ready to adjust as needed? Many older systems struggle to catch up and use a lot of energy as they switch from AC during the day to heat at night. You can save money and mitigate your environmental impact by getting a new system. Look for ENERGY STAR®-approved heating and cooling equipment to provide the most comfortable and affordable temperatures year-round.

2. Preparing for Seasonal Heat

HVAC systemWith highs in the 80s and 90s — and occasional temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit — it’s essential to prepare for upcoming heat waves. Many people don’t realize they need to upgrade their HVAC systems until the first major highs arrive and their AC can’t keep up. You can avoid this rush (and having to wait to get an appointment) by taking care of this task in the springtime. The downtime during installation will also be easier to bear in the spring than during summer.

3. Accessing Smart Controls

Older heating and cooling systems must be controlled manually by adjusting the thermostat. New models offer smart controls so you can change the temp from a smartphone or another internet-connected device. Additionally, you can set these systems on a schedule to save energy by keeping the house warmer while you’re away and cooler when you’re home. Plus, many homeowners appreciate smart HVAC systems because they automatically adjust to changing temperatures outside, keeping home interiors comfy during those dramatic spring swings.


Homeowners who are ready to upgrade their HVAC systems should contact Mr. Air NYC to set up an installation appointment. Their skilled techs offer residential and commercial services to install, repair and maintain heating and cooling appliances and even provide 24/7 emergency offerings. Call the Brooklyn-based company at (917) 775-1614 or visit the website for information on their many available systems from top brands like Mitsubishi Electric®.

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