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Why Early Childhood Education is Vital For Your Child's Development August 10, 2015

Jersey City, New York City, NY
Why Early Childhood Education is Vital For Your Child's Development, Jersey City, New Jersey

The early years of your child’s life are some of the most important. It’s when they’ll develop key motor and critical thinking skills that will shape their entire lives. At an early age, encouraging this development is essential, which is why FasTracKids - Jersey City teaches children as young as six months old.

According to a study by Johns Hopkins University, the first years of a child’s life are when they learn the skills that will lay a foundation for the future. Scientists have found that humans develop most of their brain functions from birth to three years old; this is when they're more receptive to learning. FasTracKids offers enrichment programs to help your toddler develop key communication skills and reach social benchmarks. Their music and explorer classes can also be a great way to develop their critical thinking skills and peer interaction.


Playing games might seem like no big deal, but even the simplest exercises with their peers will help them get used to working with others, and build a strong foundation of social skills that will set them on the right path for development. According to a recent study, children enrolled in FasTracKids learning centers increased their vocabulary and social skills up to twice as fast as other kids who were not enrolled in FasTracKids enrichment programs.

The tutors at FasTracKids are highly-qualified to help your child reach key developmental benchmarks. They offer a wide range of reading, math, and creative programs for students aged six months to eight years old. To learn more about these early childhood learning programs, call FasTracKids – Jersey City today at (201) 217-0088 or visit them online.

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