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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Home's Interior Paint May 9, 2019

Hampton Bays, Southampton
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Home's Interior Paint, Southampton, New York

Your home’s interior painting protects the walls and contributes to the look of your home. However, without proper maintenance, everyday wear and tear can slowly cause them to chip, peel, or fade. Here are a few residential painting tips to prevent damage and maintain the look of your interior spaces. 

A Guide to Residential Painting Maintenance 

1. Clean Spots & Stains

Always be on the lookout for fingerprints, scuffs, and food stains on your walls, particularly in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, commonly used hallways, and bedrooms. As soon as you find damage, clean it with a damp sponge and a small amount of dishwasher detergent. Avoid over-soaking the sponge, as this will further the damage.

2. Look for Mold

Residential PaintingMold often grows on warm, damp walls, and large buildups can damage the paint. If you notice any musty odors, spot discolorations, or visible signs of mold growth, test the walls to see if it’s an issue. Dab a few drops of bleach on the affected area. If it lightens up after a few minutes, it’s mold. To clean it, combine bleach and water, and scrub it off.

3. Prevent Fading

Photodegradation of your residential paint is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and leads to fading. Prevent this issue by closing your curtains and shades. Use lighter colored paints for sunny rooms as they are less susceptible to fading. Also, utilize high-quality, professional paint to maintain the integrity of the color.


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