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3 Spring Care Tips for Hardwood Floors May 15, 2019

Peace Haven, Winston
3 Spring Care Tips for Hardwood Floors, Winston, North Carolina

From mud to de-icing salt, people track all sorts of grime over hardwood floors during winter. The abrasive particles can scratch and scuff the surfaces, which is why flooring upkeep should be included on your chore list this spring. To restore the radiant appearance of hardwood and prevent premature wear, follow the advice below.    

How to Care for Hardwood Floors This Spring

1 Remove Excess Dust & Dirt

To assess the condition of hardwood floors, first remove the layer of dust, dirt, pet hair, and additional grime resting on top. Use a microfiber dry mop, as it can trap oils and particles better than cotton and other cleaning materials. This also reduces the need to use harsh chemical cleaners that could damage the wood. If you vacuum the floor, use a soft-bristle broom attachment to prevent scratching the finish.

2. Have Floors Professionally Refinished

Winston-Salem-North-Carolina-hardwood-floors (4)Once you mop or vacuum hardwood floors, inspect the surfaces for nicks, scratches, water stains, and additional blemishes. A refinishing technician can buff out the imperfections to restore the smooth appearance of floors. They will replace the worn finish to ensure the barrier can protect your floor from moisture, pet paws, shoes, and anything else that could cause premature wear.

3. Put Floor Mats Near Home Entrances

To make the pristine look of newly refinished surfaces last longer, put doormats near all entrances that lead outside. You can put up signs near the doors to gently remind family and visitors to wipe shoes before coming inside. This will limit the amount of dirt and moisture that gets tracked through interiors. 


If you want to refinish floors to eliminate winter wear, the professionals at Carolina Wood Floors in Winston-Salem, NC, are eager to assist. In business for over 30 years, the technicians have the experience to provide floor maintenance to increase the value of your investment as it ages. They also use dust containment systems to cut down on the mess. To schedule hardwood floor upkeep or discuss options for a new installation, call (336) 765-0680. Visit the company’s website for answers to popular questions and follow them on Instagram to see project photos.   

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