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What Documents Should You Gather for Bankruptcy? May 10, 2019

Ozark, Dale
What Documents Should You Gather for Bankruptcy?, Ozark, Alabama

Whether you’re suddenly unemployed or can’t keep up with large amounts of debt, many situations can benefit from the help of a bankruptcy attorney. These specialized legal professionals will know exactly how to proceed through the process to ensure your debts are taken care of. Here are four documents to bring to a bankruptcy attorney to get this process started.

Gather These Documents to Bring to a Bankruptcy Attorney

1. Pay Stubs

It’s essential to be able to prove all income from the last six months before the bankruptcy. Bring in pay stubs, rental property payment receipts, W-2s, and documentation of receiving social security benefits. Self-employed people may need to supply two years worth of income information and a loss statement.

2. Bank Account Info

bankruptcy attorneyPrint off bank statements from every account you have including savings, checking, and credit cards. You’ll also have to present retirement or investment savings information if you have these additional accounts.

3. Proof of Vehicle Value

Those who own a car will have to offer the court proof of its value. A bankruptcy attorney can recommend a method to have the vehicle evaluated, but many places will accept online printouts from trusted evaluation companies like Kelly’s Blue Book® or NADA Guides®.

If the car is financed, you’ll also need to provide a recent statement that includes information on the total owed and the amount that has been paid off. Bring this paperwork as well as proof of insurance and the vehicle registration to your legal representative.

4. Circumstantial Paperwork

Many people file for bankruptcy due to difficult circumstances like loss of job and property due to a natural disaster. In these instances, the need for paperwork will change as you may have lost all this information in a flood, fire, or tornado. If this happens, the trustees will accept different documentation, like an insurance claim on the loss of a house to share the extent of the damage. The trustees may also take other forms of proof like phone calls with creditors to ensure you can follow similar filing procedures when traditional paperwork is unavailable.


Those in need of a bankruptcy attorney should contact Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law in Dale County, AL. Attorney Kennington works with individuals filing Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy and is known for his affordable services and caring, helpful nature in this often-stressful time. Call the Ozark-area attorney at (334) 445-1200 or visit the website for information on his additional offerings such as defending DWI and DUI charges and addressing social security disability hearings.

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