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Paradise Men's Spa Invites You to Enjoy a Luxurious Break From The Summer Heat August 25, 2015

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Paradise Men's Spa Invites You to Enjoy a Luxurious Break From The Summer Heat, Manhattan, New York

While most people enjoy the summer season for its balmy air, breezy beaches, and backyard barbecues, residents of Manhattan know just how brutal the heat can be. The city is downright scorching and miserable at times, but fortunately Paradise Men's Spa in Hell's Kitchen offers the perfect oasis for men who need to escape the heat. Check out a few reasons every man looking for the right day spa around New York City should choose Paradise Men's Spa for a relaxing day of massages, facials, and more.

  • The Best Manicure & Pedicure Service in Town: Paradise Men's Spa offers more than the traditional manicure and pedicure package. The spa offers its clients a variety of choices, including green tea spa rejuvenation pedicures, callous treatment pedicures, and hot milk creme spa manicures. Not only will men feel refreshed, they will receive the many health benefits that come with these treatments.
  • World-Class Massage Therapy: So many men carry all their stress in their neck and back, so it is important to get that stress alleviated with massage therapy. Aside from the classic Swedish massage, Paradise Men's Spa provides clients with 4-hand massages, reflexology, and hot stone massages
  • Impeccable Skin Care Services: Skin care is important for everyone's health, so taking advantage of the facials provided by Paradise Men's Spa is a must. The spa offers facials to rejuvenate skin, reduce wrinkles, and fight enlarged pores. It also offers facials specifically for anti-aging and acne scars.

Call Paradise Men's Spa today at (646) 559-1621 to set up an appointment and inquire about the different spa treatments offered by the professional, friendly staff.

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