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Why Is Spring the Best Time to Upgrade My HVAC System? April 30, 2019

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Why Is Spring the Best Time to Upgrade My HVAC System?, Exeter, New Hampshire

Whether your energy bills are spiking or your home feels uncomfortable, it might be time to update your HVAC system. And with warm weather right around the corner, spring might be the best time to do so. Here’s why you should buy a more advanced cooling and heating system before the summer.

3 Reasons to Update Your HVAC System in the Spring

1. Prep for Extreme Heat

Many homeowners realize they need a new air conditioning system only when summer arrives and their homes are unbearably hot. That means HVAC contractors are often booked during the summer repairing and replacing HVAC units. By upgrading now, you’ll ensure you’re not without cool air during the hottest days of the year.

2. Feel Comfortable

cooling and heating systemEven though winter weather is behind you, this season can still be unpredictable. You might experience chilly nights and mornings with warm days in between. This may leave you constantly fiddling with the thermostat. With a modern cooling and heating system, you can sit back as it automatically adjusts airflow to compensate for fluctuating outdoor temperatures. 

3. Embrace Technology

Outdated HVAC systems give you little control over the temperature settings. However, the latest models incorporate technology that allows you more flexibility. For example, some ductless models connect to your smartphone, so you can control the temperature even when you are not home. This is especially useful while you’re on vacation. You can stop worrying about accidentally leaving the AC on, and you can lower temperatures remotely so you arrive to a cool, comfortable home when the trip ends.


Looking for an updated cooling and heating system for your home? Based in Exeter, NH, the team at Key Heating & Air Conditioning have been providing quality products, energy assessments, HVAC maintenance, and system installations for over 25 years. When you are ready to upgrade your system, these Mitsubishi Electric® Diamond Contractors™ will help you choose a product that fits your needs, providing exemplary customer service along the way. To learn more about their cooling and heating products and services, visit them online or call (603) 436-8811 today.

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