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3 Important Parts of Your Storefront Window System July 1, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
3 Important Parts of Your Storefront Window System, Spring Valley, New York

Brick and mortar business owners won’t succeed if they can’t get customers or clients to walk through their doors. First impressions of your storefront can make or break a sale, so it’s critical to ensure the entryway is always well-maintained, accessible, and inviting. When it comes to storefront windows, here are some of the top components to consider.

What Makes Up a Storefront Window System?

1. Glass Paneling 

A key part of a storefront window system is the installation of glass paneling, which is highly customizable. If you want passersby to easily identify what you’re selling, clear glass improves the likelihood they’ll stop in. For more privacy, frosted glass has a semi-opaque appearance but still provides the benefits of natural light. Small window systems can usually get away with single pane glass, which is cost-effective for the average small business owner. Double pane glass, on the other hand, is ideal for larger windows, as they are reinforced for improved security, sound protection, and energy efficiency. 

2. Hardware

storefront windowsThe glass you choose for your commercial window system is only as good as the hardware you furnish it with. Door closers, for example, ensure your door shuts automatically—without ever slamming. Crash bars allow users to easily push upon your door when exiting. For larger glass doors, a pivot system can replace traditional hinges, making for smoother operation and an elegant first impression.  

3. Weatherproof Door Sealant

The sealant between your entry door and the frame helps ensure wind, dirt, and rain can’t make their way into your space and damage the flooring. It also improves insulation, keeping cool air in during the summer and warm air from escaping in the winter. Additionally, storefront windows feature water deflectors, which redirect water away from vulnerable window frame corners.


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