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Why Early Spring Is the Best Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System April 30, 2019

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
Why Early Spring Is the Best Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System, Brooklyn, New York

If your HVAC system is reaching the end of its life, springtime is the perfect season to upgrade to a ductless AC. With hotter weather on the horizon, spring’s moderate temperatures make it ideal for these system upgrades. Here’s a helpful guide to the benefits of updating your HVAC system this season.

Why You Should Upgrade Your HVAC System this Spring

Prepare for Transitional Weather

Spring is a transitional period, so the accompanying weather can shift between chilly mornings and warm afternoons. By upgrading your HVAC system during this seasonal shift, you’ll be prepared to accommodate your family regardless of what’s in the forecast.

Get Ready for Summer’s Heat

Spring tends to be more moderate than winter and summer, so going a day or two without heat or air conditioning while the system is being replaced won’t seem unbearable. Upgrading to a ductless AC system in advance of the extreme heat will also help ensure greater energy efficiency, saving you money on costly cooling bills throughout the summer.

Control Temperature Remotely

ductless acIf you’re planning a summer vacation, upgrading your HVAC system to a ductless AC system with advanced smart controls is a smart move. You’ll be able to control your home’s temperature remotely from any location. As a result, you’ll have greater control over your cooling costs as well.


If you’re looking to upgrade to a ductless AC system this spring, put your trust in Ice Age Mechanical in Brooklyn, NY. These certified Diamond Contractors™ specialize in the latest energy-efficient heating and cooling technology, such as ductless systems available from Mitsubishi Electric®. Offering money-saving solutions and up to $500 off for those who qualify, they’ll work closely with you to select the best air conditioning system for your home. To schedule an appointment, call (718) 509-9594 or visit them online for more information.

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