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Dos & Don'ts for Replacing Your Driveway April 30, 2019

Wallingford Center, New Haven County
Dos & Don'ts for Replacing Your Driveway, Wallingford Center, Connecticut

Even with the right maintenance and service, you’ll likely need to replace your concrete driveway at some point. The process can seem laborious, but if you arm yourself with the right information, you can guarantee that your property will have a driveway that fits its functional and aesthetic needs alike. 


Weigh the pros and cons of each material. 

While concrete is a reliable material for your driveway, there are other options to choose. Asphalt is a popular choice that is also very budget-friendly. However, asphalt requires more maintenance in general, and it is less stable in hotter temperatures. You can also opt for interlocking paving stones or exposed aggregates, which entail mixing concrete with textured stones.

Consider driveway accents.

concreteWhen planning your new driveway, be sure to consider any accents you’d like to place around it. These features can including fencing, flower beds, or even rock gardens to add a bit of texture to your lawn. Keeping these accents in mind during the planning process will ensure you’ll be able to add them once the new driveway is complete. 


Be committed to a specific area.

If you’re not thrilled with the placement of your current driveway, don’t feel like you need to keep it in the same area. You can widen the existing driveway or even move it to a more convenient location. As long as you have the room on your property, you have the freedom to place your driveway wherever you see fit. 

Wait too long to make a decision.

Whether you decide on a concrete or asphalt driveway, the best time to get started is now. Waiting too long will make the process more difficult, especially when temperatures begin to drop. This will prevent the driveway material from setting properly, which can lead to all sorts of inconvenient issues. 



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