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Should I Leave My AC on for My Pets? April 30, 2019

Dunwoodie, Yonkers
Should I Leave My AC on for My Pets?, Yonkers, New York

The summer months can be sweltering, but if you aren’t using your air conditioning system when you leave the house, why leave it on? You may consider turning it off to save money, but you don’t want to hurt the furry friends you leave behind. Here’s what HVAC contractors say you need to know about temperature control and your pet’s health, and the steps you can take to protect them without breaking the bank.

Pets & Temperature Control 

The sweltering summer heat can be uncomfortable, bordering on dangerous. Generally, pets are comfortable at around 78 degrees in the summer, but this can vary by breed. Dogs with thick coats, such as Saint Bernards, are more prone to overheating. Additionally, even if the thermostat reads a certain temperature, the humidity can make it feel hotter. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause heat stroke, exhaustion, and cramps, especially in animals that are young, old, or overweight, as well as those that suffer preexisting health conditions.

Minimize Costs With Maximum Care

air conditioning systemYou can still leave your pet at home safely if you follow a few steps. Talk to your HVAC contractor about a Mitsbushi Electric® mini-split air conditioning system. These units are uniquely designed to provide targeted comfort. Confine your pet to a single room while you’re away, and turn on the temperature controls solely for that room to cut costs. You can also monitor the temperature in your home with a smart device and remotely lower the temperature on particularly hot days.


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