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3 Benefits of Installing a Central Air Conditioner May 6, 2019

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3 Benefits of Installing a Central Air Conditioner, Stonington, Connecticut

Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the house is vital to your comfort during summertime. But if you rely on window units to do the job, then you’re missing out on the advantages of a central air conditioner. If you’re thinking about upgrading to this innovative option, here are a few benefits to keep in mind.

Why Install a Central Air Conditioning System?

1. Improve Room Appearance

Although window units are advantageous in that they can cool a single room down to your desired comfort level, they also significantly detract from the appearance of your space. By replacing them with a centralized system, you can finally enjoy improved views of your outdoor space and even improve your curb appeal by eliminating those window-blocking appliances.

2. Easy System Control

air conditionerHomeowners with separate window units throughout the house may find it tedious going from room to room to adjust the temperature. When it’s hot outside, you can count on a central air conditioner to handle the temperature adjustments with a single control. You can easily use the thermostat to set the temperature to what you desire, and by upgrading to a smart device, you can even set it to turn on and off at specific times. Moreover, central HVAC systems provide both heating and cooling operations, ensuring year-round comfort.

3. Quiet Overall Operation

Because they blow air directly into the room, window units can produce distracting noises that make it difficult for you to work, sleep, or relax. Central air conditioning systems generally create a low hum that is barely heard once you grow accustomed to the sound. You can enjoy movie nights with the family without turning the volume up to muffle the sound of a window air conditioning unit. 



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