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What Are the Best Types of Flowers for People with Allergies? May 8, 2019

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What Are the Best Types of Flowers for People with Allergies?, Enterprise, Alabama

Spring has sprung and flowers are finally making an appearance. While these bright blooms are undoubtedly a beautiful sight, those with allergies may be less than enthused to see fresh pollen producers sprouting up everywhere. To make the best of what spring has to offer, here are four allergy-friendly flower types to consider.

4 Flowers for People With Allergies

1. Lilies

If you want to avoid pollen with an irresistibly beautiful flower, you can’t go wrong with lilies. These beauties do produce pollen, but it’s easy to remove the stamen — or the pollen-generating part of the plant —  with scissors before bringing them into your home. Lillies are available in several colors, from white and pink to red, orange, or a vibrant mix. While Asiatic lilies are a safe bet, avoid Oriental lilies like Stargazers, as their intense fragrance can cause headaches.

2. Roses

Classically beautiful and iconic, roses are another allergy-friendly flower option. They contain minimal pollen so they won’t irritate the senses and can last up to eight days, provided they have clean water. Roses are also incredibly versatile, as they can be purchased in any season and are available in a variety of warm and neutral tones.

3. Orchids

flowersWhile orchids do contain pollen, the substance is sticky and stays on the flower rather than float up in the air. Thus, these blooms aren’t a problem for people with allergies. These beautifully unique flowers are available all year long and are very easy to care for. You’ll only need to water orchids once a week in the colder months and about twice a week in warm weather. 

4. Hydrangeas

A favorite amongst those with a green thumb, hydrangeas are not only strikingly beautiful, but also allergy-friendly. Like orchids, their pollen is sticky, so it won’t irritate your nose and lungs. Hydrangeas are available in many colors, including yellow, pink, and blue, and they can be found year-round.


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