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3 Predictions for the Wireless Industry in 2019 May 1, 2019

Carlsbad City Centre, Oceanside-Escondido
3 Predictions for the Wireless Industry in 2019, Oceanside-Escondido, California

The wireless industry is expected to be impacted by a number of big trends in 2019. As a business owner, it’s important to stay on top of these developments with the help of a managed service provider, so you can understand what they might mean for your company. Here are a few predictions for the future of wireless in 2019.

Wireless Industry Predictions for 2019 

1. Rise of SD-WAN 

Short for software-defined wide area network, an SD-WAN is a virtual network that allows companies to securely connect to branch offices and data centers from anywhere in the world. As more companies work remotely with the help of a managed service provider, and the use of cloud-based software steadily rises, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for standard WAN systems to maintain optimal speeds and connectivity capabilities on a global scale. Because they’re virtual, SD-WAN systems can handle the bandwidth of multiple WAN connections, including 3G, long-term evolution, broadband, and multiprotocol label switching. This offers businesses a much more flexible and cost-efficient method for managing large-scale wireless communications and connecting offices across multiple locations. 

2. Rapid 5G Adoption

managed service providerAs the next generation of high-speed wireless technology, 5G will become a commercial reality in 2019. Experts are saying it will be adopted by both individual consumers and businesses at an extremely fast rate. Providing faster speeds, lower latency, and the ability to connect more devices at once, 5G is poised to be an essential game-changing service for businesses in 2019. The technology is already available in some areas of the United States; make sure your company is ready to adopt it as soon as it can by contacting your managed service provider.

3. Growth of the Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud infrastructures provide businesses with the ability to utilize both private and public clouds to manage their data and perform operations. According to reports, more and more companies are adopting this strategy, as it offers greater workload flexibility, increased security, and sounder disaster recovery strategies. This trend will no doubt continue through 2019, while hybrid cloud offerings continue to grow.


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