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3 Ways to Downsize Into a New Mobile Home May 1, 2019

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3 Ways to Downsize Into a New Mobile Home, Pinellas Park, Florida

Whether you’re retiring and ready to settle in a warmer climate or just want a more affordable way to live, downsizing to a new mobile home is a sensible way to stretch your savings. However, all of your current belongings probably won’t fit, so you’ll need to find effective ways to trim down your possessions. Follow the tips below for a stress-free downsizing process.

Tips for Moving to a Mobile Home

1. Start With the Furniture

The most difficult items to move will be furniture, so picking out essentials and ditching the rest will streamline your moving process. Once you know how many rooms your new mobile home will have, keep enough belongings to furnish each one. You should also consider investing in space-efficient furniture, such as tables that can fold up against the wall.

2. Wait to Ditch the Small Stuff

new mobile homeSometimes, you won’t be sure what items you need until you’ve unpacked in your new space. If you get rid of smaller belongings, such as plates, pans, and bathroom supplies, before you move, you might end up sinking a lot of money into replacements once you’re settled. Instead of pitching them, separate them into must-have and maybe-keep boxes. When you’re in your new mobile home, sort the maybe-keep boxes and decide whether these items fit your new lifestyle.

3. Use the One Year Rule

While this tip is most commonly applied to wardrobes, it’s handy in every part of your home. If an item hasn’t seen use in a year or more, it’s probably inessential, and you can get rid of it. Kitchen gadgets that rarely see use? Clothes that don’t seem to fit with any of your outfits? Craft supplies sitting in a bin in the basement? These are all strong candidates for decluttering.


Start with these tips and you’ll be downsizing in no time. If you need a place to put your new mobile home, Robert’s Mobile Home and RV Resort is an ideal location. Based in St. Petersburg, FL, it’s conveniently close to the beach, several casinos, and numerous shopping and dining options. Escape for the winter or live there full-time — you’ll have access to internet, laundry, and a 24-hour bathhouse. Call (727) 577-6820 to learn about openings and visit them online to see pictures of the resort.

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