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6 Crucial Steps to Take Following a Car Accident May 3, 2019

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6 Crucial Steps to Take Following a Car Accident, Richmond, Texas

Texas is, unfortunately, one of the worst states in the country for car accidents. Getting into one can cause a lot of anxiety and confusion for the parties involved. However, if you ever find yourself in this situation, maintain your composure as much as possible and follow the steps below.

What to Do After a Car Accident

1. Don't Leave the Scene

Unless you need medical attention, don’t leave an accident scene—no matter how minor you think it is. Hit-and-runs are illegal and can result in severe penalties. Instead, move to the side of the road, shift your vehicle into park, and turn on your hazard lights before assessing the situation.

2. Call the Police

Even if the damage is minor, call 911. A police report is invaluable in establishing who’s at fault in the car accident. It will also be an essential document when processing a claim later.

3. Take Photos & Collect Evidence

Take photos of any car accidentvehicle damage, as well as any visible injuries you may have suffered. If there are any eyewitnesses to the accident, collect their names and contact numbers as well. Writing down the name and badge number of the responding police officer could also be useful.

4. Exchange Insurance Information

Ask to see the insurance card of all the drivers involved in the collision. Record the insurance companies and policy numbers, as well as the names, addresses, and contact numbers of the drivers and the passengers. Show the other party your insurance card as well, but don’t sign any document unless it’s for the police records.

5. Seek Medical Help

While severe injuries should be seen to immediately, you should go to the doctor after an accident regardless. Small, seemingly inconsequential bruises or cuts could be the only visual signs of a much more severe issue, which your adrenaline-fueled body is not currently aware of. Other problems, like whiplash, may not leave a visible trace at all, but could still negatively impact your quality of life, especially if not seen to immediately.

6. Call an Attorney

Consider seeking the help of a lawyer to ensure your rights and to help you pursue compensation if you were the victimized party in the accident—ideally, this should occur before giving a statement to the insurance company. They will help you collect evidence and prove your case so this unfortunate incident won’t be financially devastating as well.


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