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Should I Invest in an Electric Fireplace for My Home? May 7, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Should I Invest in an Electric Fireplace for My Home?, Cincinnati, Ohio

Few features can rival the ambiance provided by a fireplace, but because of the warmth they emit, these heating fixtures can only be used comfortably for half the year. With an electric fireplace, you can enjoy that cozy feeling in the middle of summer, as the heat can be turned off or dialed down. If you’re interested in making this versatile fixture a part of your home heating and cooling system, use the following guide to decide if its right for you.

How to Decide on an Electric Fireplace Installation

Is an Electric Fireplace Right for Your House?

A traditional fireplace is a sought-after feature for many homeowners, but without a chimney, it can be incredibly expensive, if not structurally impossible, to install one in your home. Therefore, if you’ve always dreamed of cozy family nights in front of the flames, an electric fireplace is an excellent alternative.

Plus, they are easy to install and remove—all you have to do is plug them in. If you are renting your current property or planning on moving in the near future, this makes an electric fireplace a convenient addition to any heating and cooling system.

What Are Some Factors to Consider Before Installation?

heating and coolingIf you’d like your electric fireplace to be flush to the wall, you might need to hire a contractor to perform some drywall work. With this simple home improvement, your new heating fixture looks like it was built into the house, not added later on. Before you choose your electric fireplace, consider the style of your home as a whole, as well as the room you want to install it in.

While there are several traditional and rustic options, you can also choose from ultra-contemporary styles, such as sleek, glass-enclosed models that can be seen from two rooms. One of the best aspects of an electric fireplace installation is that you won’t have to pay for gas pipes or for future chimney sweeping services, so you can spend more on a beautiful, state-of-the-art heating fixture.

Which Rooms Would Benefit From an Electric Fireplace?

If it’s a cozy, romantic atmosphere you’re after, an electric fireplace makes an excellent addition to your heating and cooling system in the master bedroom or living room. In these areas, you can curl up in front of the flames with a good book and a glass of wine or just enjoy the warmth with a loved one. Some homeowners even add electric fireplaces to bathrooms for a luxurious bathing experience or a finished basement with a gym. Whether you’re taking a bubble bath or doing yoga, your electric fireplace will set the perfect mood.


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