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4 Ways Tree Debris Can Affect Your Pool May 2, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
4 Ways Tree Debris Can Affect Your Pool, Honolulu, Hawaii

Towering trees surrounding your pool provide a soothing atmosphere for a swim, but if you don’t practice regular tree care and maintenance, they could cause problems. Here are the four biggest ways neglecting tree care responsibilities can damage your pool.

How Tree Debris Can Negatively Impact Your Pool

1. Clogs

Leaves, twigs, and nuts will end up in your pool from overhanging branches. They’ll quickly clog up your pool filter and drain. You’ll need to clear and change your filters more often, and debris can back up in the water, making the pool look less than welcoming. Professional tree trimming services will drastically reduce the amount of small debris that make it into your filter.

2. Algae & Bacteria Growth

Organic tree debris make the perfect meal for algae. As the debris breaks down in the water, microorganisms will flourish and feed on it. The debris will also throw off your perfectly measured water treatment chemicals, allowing bacteria to grow.

3. Staining

tree careLeft unattended, tree debris can clump up around the sides of your pool, trapping moisture, leading to discoloration from the dirt, and even causing mold growth. Beyond this, the increasingly clogged filter and drain will be less effective, soiling the water and eventually staining the pool lining.

4. Physical Damage

Diseased, weakened, or dying trees and branches pose physical threats to your pool. Large limbs can tear through pool covers and damage concrete or tile aspects of your pool. Entire trees could even fall, blocking your pool and causing extensive damage. If this happens while people are swimming, they could get injured. Investing in tree service is a necessary safety precaution.


When you need expert tree care to maintain your landscaping and pool, the professionals at Sherwood’s Tree Service are here to help. Located in Honolulu, HI, and serving all of Oahu, these arborists have over 40 years’ experience offering competitive tree care at affordable prices, including 24/7 emergency tree service. See what they can do for you online, and call (808) 537-9705 to schedule your service today.

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