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5 Helpful Ways to Care for Vinyl Siding May 3, 2019

Onalaska, La Crosse County
5 Helpful Ways to Care for Vinyl Siding, Onalaska, Wisconsin

After your siding contractor has finished installing vinyl siding on your home's exterior, you need to care for it correctly. Fortunately, vinyl is a low-maintenance material. Following just a few simple rules will keep it attractive and functional for as long as possible without the expense of repairs.

How to Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking Like-New

1. Don't Paint It

Vinyl siding is designed to be colorfast and will fade very little over its life span. You don't need to paint it as paint can sometimes react with the vinyl and damage it. Check with your siding contractor for specific information about painting the brand you've chosen.

2. Wash It

Siding ContractorNo matter what kind of siding you have, it will accumulate dirt and plant debris over time. About once a year, use a power washer on a low setting to clean it off to remove any accumulated grime. Be careful not to power-wash your windows or roof shingles during this process — neither are designed to be cleaned with that much force.

3. Keep It Safe From Heat

Your siding can warp or melt if it gets too hot. Sunny summer weather won’t hurt it, but an open flame can cause significant damage. Keep barbecues, bonfires, fireworks, and other sources of fire well away from the home.

4. Prevent Cracks

When your vinyl siding cracks, the only way for your siding contractor to repair it is by completely replacing that panel. To avoid the need for repairs, take a few daily precautions. Park your car far enough away that you don't risk hitting the wall, and don't throw items like sports balls at or toward the house.

5. Inspect It Regularly

After your annual wash, take a walk around your home and look closely at the siding for cracks, warping, discoloration, and other issues. If you see several of these signs, replacing your siding should be your next big home improvement project.


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