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4 Safety Tips for Using Generators April 29, 2019

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4 Safety Tips for Using Generators, West Plains, Missouri

In the event of blackouts or electrical outages, generators provide you with power to keep the lights on and continue household operations. Learn how to use your generator properly to prevent damage, accidents, and other issues. Here are some helpful safety tips from professional HVAC contractors.

How to Use Generators Safely

1. Pay Attention to Fuel

Keep an eye on your generator’s fuel gauge, so it doesn’t run out of gas. If the tank reaches empty while the machine is still running, it could damage the coils and require repairs before you’re able to refill the tank and run it again. 

2. Place on a Level Surface

Your generator has a built-in mechanism that automatically delivers oil to internal parts. Set it on a flat surface to ensure this device functions normally. If your generator sits on uneven ground, it may not receive adequate oil, causing parts to dry out, grind, and become damaged. 

3. Don’t Operate in Your Homegenerator

Never run a generator inside your house, no matter the weather or amount of ventilation. These appliances emit carbon monoxide, which may be fatal when inhaled. Similarly, keep running machines out of your garage and away from open windows to prevent noxious fumes from entering your home.

4. Store Gas Safely

It’s convenient to have a supply of fuel on hand, but store it properly to prevent the risk of fire hazards. For portable generators, ten-gallon tanks are usually best since they are easily refillable and transport without spilling. Stationary, steel propane tanks are sturdy and have control valves for optimal safety for home standby generators.


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