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3 Simple Tips for Effective Laminate Floor Upkeep May 1, 2019

Lahaina, Maui
3 Simple Tips for Effective Laminate Floor Upkeep, Lahaina, Hawaii

Laminate flooring can give your home an updated, beautiful appearance while guarding against subfloor problems. However, like all flooring varieties, they can sustain damage, which is why it is important to understand how to care for them properly. Here are three tips for laminate floor upkeep. 

How to Keep Laminate Floors in Top Condition

1. Prevent Scratches

While durable, laminate planks aren’t immune to unsightly surface damage. If you have a dog, trim its nails every one to two months to avoid scratched floors, and don’t let children play with toys like miniature cars or mini bicycles inside the house. Additionally, put felt pads on the underside of your furniture pieces to prevent scratches, and always fully lift furniture off the floor when moving it.

2. Clean Up Spills Immediately

Many varieties of laminate don’t have moisture barrier layers. If allowed to linger, water and other liquids can seep between the planks, causing panels to swell and warp. Keep dry washcloths on hand to manage spills immediately, and teach your family members to be on the lookout for spills. 

3. Use Only Non-Abrasive Cleaners 

flooringCertain cleaners, such as those that contain bleach, fine abrasives, and ammonia can damage the surfaces of laminate flooring. Before you mop with any product, make sure the bottle is marked as safe for use on laminate flooring. Also, avoid using more liquid than is necessary to keep your floors from absorbing the excess of the cleaner you use. 


Whether you have questions about maintaining new flooring or your home could use a few updates, turn to the professionals at Lahaina Carpet and Interiors. In addition to carrying laminates, these trusted Maui, HI, flooring professionals also offer hardwood, ceramic tile, and carpeting. Visit their website to learn about current promotions, or call (808) 661-4268 to schedule an estimate. 

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