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3 Tips to Help Children Through a Divorce May 3, 2019

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3 Tips to Help Children Through a Divorce, Ash Flat, Arkansas

A divorce is an emotionally taxing experience no matter your age. It can be especially hard for children, who are often confused about why their parents are no longer living together. To help them come to terms with the changes, you need to be clear and transparent. Mental health services can be an invaluable addition to your plan, so consider the following strategies.

How to Help Your Children Process a Divorce

1. Explain the Details Clearly

It’s best to be straightforward with your children so nothing is lost in translation. Explain that your relationship with your spouse isn’t healthy and that it’s best for everyone if you live separate. You don’t have to go into the details of the conflict unless your children ask. Let them know it’s not their fault and reinforce that they’ll still see the other parent. Avoid talking badly about your spouse or placing blame, as this can lead to confusion for your kids.

2. Talk About Their Emotions

Your children may have trouble knowing how to react to the divorce. Explain that it’s okay to express what they’re feeling. They’re allowed to be angry or sad, and it’s good to share their feelings with you and the other parent. Bottling up emotions can lead to misbehavior and other issues. Never criticize them for how they feel and always be ready to listen.

3. See a Family Counselor

mental-health-services-families-inc-counseling servicesIt can be helpful to bring a third party into the equation, so consider professional mental health services if your children are having a hard time opening up. Your children can have personal sessions, meetings with you, or even sessions with you and your ex-spouse. This is a time for them to receive unbiased feedback about the divorce. Kids may also be more willing to share their emotions or speak their minds when they have one-on-one time with an outside party.


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