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​3 Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning With Your Family Dentist September 28, 2015

Onalaska, La Crosse County
​3 Benefits of Regular Teeth Cleaning With Your Family Dentist, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Everyone knows that daily brushing and flossing are essential habits for healthy teeth and gums. Dentists recommend brushing twice daily and flossing once daily to keep your teeth and gums in perfect condition. But did you know that these habits alone won't help you avoid tooth decay or gum disease? Visiting the Dental Clinic of Onalaska with locations in Onalaska and Trempealeau, WI, for regular cleanings is a crucial part of good oral hygiene.

The great team of dental health professionals at Dental Clinic of Onalaska provide the highest possible care that includes educating patients during office visits and providing them with resources available on their website. They seek to teach their patients about the many benefits regular cleanings can have on not only their dental health, but their overall well-being.

Here are a few reasons why you should get your teeth cleaned twice annually at the Dental Clinic of Onalaska:

  • Cleanings Prevent Tooth Decay: Performed by a dentist or dental hygienist, dental cleanings involve removing plaque buildup. If it is left untreated, plaque can lead to tooth decay. A regular cleaning at the Dental Clinic of Onalaska will take only 25 to 30 minutes and helps keep your smile healthy and beautiful.
  • Cleanings Prevent Gum Disease: The gums often get overlooked. Unfortunately, tartar buildup can lead to gingivitis or periodontitis, which causes damage to the tissues and bone that hold teeth in place. A good cleaning will remove tartar from the tooth surface to keep your gums healthy.
  • Cleanings Keep Your Heart and Brain Healthy: Surprisingly, our dental health is connected to our overall health. Studies have shown that people who have their teeth cleaned regularly, along with regular brushing and flossing, have a decreased risk of heart attack and stroke. Doctors still aren't sure why this connection exists, but some theorize it might have to do with the mouth being an entry point for bacteria and infection for the whole body. Regular cleanings with the Dental Clinic of Onalaska will keep your mouth and whole body healthy.

In addition to keeping patients healthy with regular dental cleanings, the staff of the Dental Clinic of Onalaska also offer dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, and more. Whatever your needs, this family dentist can help you get the healthy, attractive smile you want. Visit them online and call (608) 783-3341 today to schedule your next dental cleaning.

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