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How Can You Reduce Dental Sensitivity? May 7, 2019

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How Can You Reduce Dental Sensitivity?, Waterford, Connecticut

If your teeth are sensitive, you might struggle with mild pain when you enjoy hot or cold foods, or you may feel ongoing tenderness and sensitivity that makes it hard to sleep or talk. However, you can live a more comfortable life by understanding the causes of dental sensitivity and working with a cosmetic dentist to resolve the issue. Here is a quick look at the factors behind dental sensitivity and how to treat the issue. 

Understanding Dental Sensitivity

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Dental sensitivity has a long list of causes, including aggressive brushing, gum recession, cracked teeth, and tooth decay. Since dental roots aren’t covered in enamel, aggressive brushing, clenching, or nighttime tooth grinding can also cause sensitivity, since these habits can cause gum recession that exposes the root. Tooth decay can cause sensitivity because oral bacteria can produce acids that dissolve dental enamel; this exposes the more porous, underlying dentin to exterior variables like hot and cold foods.

cosmetic-dentistNaturally acidic foods, such as lemons, limes, and oranges, can soften dental enamel and lead to premature mineral loss, creating sensitivity. Tooth whitening can also make teeth more sensitive, since it temporarily releases small plugs in the dental enamel to allow whitening agents to penetrate deeper into the teeth. 

How Can You Control Sensitivity? 

Fortunately, you can control dental sensitivity by talking with your cosmetic dentist about your dental health. In addition to checking your teeth for the signs of visible damage, your dentist can also chat with you about your dental care routine to check for issues that could cause sensitivity. 

To resolve sensitivity, your cosmetic dentist might recommend using a special sensitivity toothpaste containing an ingredient like potassium nitrate. This special kind of toothpaste plugs the holes in tooth enamel and soothes the nerves of your teeth, helping to protect against sensitivity. Cosmetic dentists can also use restorative dentistry techniques to resolve oral fractures, gum recession, and other instances of damage to increase your oral comfort. 



If you’re dealing with tooth sensitivity, take control of your dental health today by working with the cosmetic dentists at Waterford Dental Health. With a commitment to high standards and exceptional dental care, this trusted Waterford, CT, practice can help with everything from routine dental cleanings and preventative checkups to orthodontics, sedation dentistry, and dental implants. Find out more about how their team can help by visiting their website or giving them a call at (860) 447-2235.

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