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3 Benefits of Centerless Grinding May 17, 2019

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3 Benefits of Centerless Grinding, Fairfield, Ohio

Experts in the manufacturing industry know that finding small ways to improve efficiency makes a big difference when it comes to the financial bottom line. Centerless grinding is by far the most effective process for producing high-quality cylindrical metal parts at a fast pace. To help you learn more about this process, here’s a guide to this type of grinding and its advantages over the competition.

Why Incorporate Centerless Grinding Into Your Operation

1. Saves Time

One of the biggest time constraints in regular grinding processes is the initial setup and loading. The part must be carefully placed by hand over the center, which is a time-consuming process. By definition, centerless grinding has no center on the grinding wheel, which means that parts can be automatically loaded for maximum efficiency. They are then held in place by the grinding wheel, regulating wheel, and work blade, allowing your machinery to produce a high volume of pieces in a short period.

2. Increases Accuracy

centerless grindingCenterless grinding provides far superior results, improving the product you supply to your customers. Once the process is mastered, the lack of a center creates a high level of precision that yields top-quality parts. This will improve your reputation and earn you more work from clients in the future.

3. Prolongs Wheel Life

Maintaining equipment and increasing the lifespan of your tools allow you to save money and run a more effective business. Centerless processes help with this by decreasing wear-and-tear on the grinding wheel, letting you go longer without replacing it.


If you’re searching for experts with the experience required to perform centerless grinding, call LWG Finishing in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. With over 50 years of experience in offering high-quality products to clients, they’re dedicated to artistry and efficiency. Whether you need chrome plating, sandblasting, or other industrial, mining, construction, or automotive services, they are the team for you. Visit their website to learn more about what they do, or call (513) 860-1156 to place an order.

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