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3 Tips for Preventing Roof Leaks April 23, 2019

Archdale, Randolph
3 Tips for Preventing Roof Leaks, Archdale, North Carolina

For many homeowners, the roof is out of sight and out of mind. Even if the vital role it plays in protecting the home is well-known, it still has a tendency to slip down the to-do list simply because we don’t spend a whole lot of time looking up. But you can extend its life span and prevent roof leaks by taking some simple regular maintenance steps. Use these tips to keep your home safe and avoid roof repairs.

3 Ways to Prevent Household Roof Leaks

1. Clean Gutters Regularly

Rain gutters carry water off the roof and direct it along the edge of the house, into the downspouts, and away from the foundation and basement. If the gutters or downspouts are clogged, they can’t work effectively, and water could back up onto the roof and soak beneath the shingles. When this happens, the roof decking swells and starts to rot, creating gaps between deck seams and allowing roof leaks. To prevent this, remove accumulated leaves, dirt, twigs, and other debris from the gutters at least once per year and preferably every season. If you have a lot of trees surrounding your home, monthly gutter cleaning might be in your best interest.

2. Have the Roof Inspected

Roof leaks in Archdale, NCA roofing inspector will examine critical sections of the roof for signs of damage and incipient leakage. Common problem areas include spots where fixtures penetrate the roof—including chimneys, satellite dishes, skylights, and roof vents—and flashing points along roof valleys and where two roof panels meet. An annual inspection will identify if problems appear imminent so you can schedule repairs before the roof leaks.

3. Check Attic for Mold & Pests

One of the best ways to minimize roof repair and water damage expenses is to catch any leaks while they’re still minor. To do that, you should recognize the signs of a small leak. For instance, moisture inside the home attracts pests—both insects and rodents—that are constantly on the lookout for sources of food and water. Have your attic regularly inspected for signs of an infestation, including nests, droppings, and tracks. Another sign of unwanted moisture is the presence of mold. If you notice mold spots anywhere in the home, look around for signs of dripping or pooling water or moisture stains. 


If, despite your best efforts at prevention, your home springs a roof leak, contact First Class Roofing, Inc. in Archdale, NC. They’re a family-owned and -operated company with more than 30 years of industry experience and a service area covering the greater High Point area. In addition to roof repair, they also specialize in gutters, window replacements, and vinyl siding with financing options to make your home solutions affordable. Visit their website to view a gallery of completed projects or call (336) 880-8720 to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

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