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3 Bathroom Remodeling Trends You Should Know About April 24, 2019

3 Bathroom Remodeling Trends You Should Know About, ,

Are you looking to improve your home’s look and functionality? A bathroom remodeling project will allow you to create a space that will impress your friends and family, especially if you incorporate the hottest trends and styles into the design. Here are a few to keep in mind during your next remodel.

Trendy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1. Wall-Mounted Toilets

Many homeowners are getting rid of their clunky toilets and instead, are opting for ones that are mounted on the wall. These create a sleek look while also saving valuable floor space. Wall-mounted toilets are particularly useful in small spaces where every inch counts. Additionally, they make it easier to keep your bathroom floor clean since you won’t need to scrub around the base.

2. Glass Showers

bathroom remodelingInstall a floor-to-ceiling glass shower enclosure to make your bathroom feel more spacious. Without a curtain or tub ledge in the way, the room will feel more open. Also, the glass draws the eye up to the ceiling and down to the floor, making the room feel taller. Finally, the modern, clear look will make the space feel less cluttered. 

3. Industrial Features

Instead of traditional porcelain, install an industrial-style sink to create a unique and fresh look. With their deep basins, these sinks are extremely functional and can also be customized for a wide variety of styles. Pair the white enamel sink with a copper, brass, or gold accent and a neutral color palette. Also, add a dose of personality by installing a custom wood or marble vanity underneath it.


When you’re ready to implement the above trends in your bathroom remodeling project, contact Valley Design Center in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood. They carry products from many top brands including Kraftmaid® and TOTO®. With more than two decades of experience, they offer everything from appliances and flooring to cabinets. Call (212) 832-4200 to speak with a member of their team. To learn more about their bathroom remodeling solutions, visit them online.

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