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5 Steps to Ready Your RV for Summer April 22, 2019

Stevens Creek, Lancaster
5 Steps to Ready Your RV for Summer , Stevens Creek, Nebraska

Spring is here and that means summer road trips are just around the corner. Now is the time to pull your RV out of self-storage and begin making it travel ready. Here is a handy maintenance checklist you can use to prepare your camper for the upcoming season. 

How to Prepare Your RV for New Adventures

1. Check the State of the Tires

Having well-maintained tires will help keep your RV safe on the road. However, after sitting in storage for several months, the sidewall and tread can develop cracks. While inspecting the rubber for damage, also check the air pressure to make sure it is at the recommended level.

2. Clean the Exterior

You most likely gave your RV a thorough scrubbing before putting it in self-storage for the winter. However, if you placed it in an outdoor storage unit that didn’t fully protect against the elements, it will need another washing. Pay special attention to the roof—any bird droppings or dirt accumulation can damage the paint finish if left in place for too long. 

3. Inspect for Leaks

self-storageWhile your RV will be better protected from winter’s wrath in self-storage, it’s still wise to check for problems the season is known to inflict. Caulking around the windows, air vents, and other openings can develop cracks at the seals, which will make them less resistant to water. Inspect all of these areas as well as your roof for any wear that could lead to future water damage.

4. Reinstall the Battery

It’s often recommended that RV owners remove the battery from their camper when it is not in use to prevent it from fully draining. Recharge it before reinserting into the vehicle. Once it’s in place, confirm that it has at least 13 volts of power—less than this indicates the battery is soon to die. Then, crank the engine and test all the electronics and appliances inside to ensure the power is running. 

5. Flush the RV Water Tank

Before the water system can be used, you’ll have to flush out the anti-freeze that was added to the tank to prevent freezing during winter. Connect one end of the drinking hose to a safe supply line and let the water run continuously to remove all traces of chemicals. Open all faucets inside the RV and let them run until the water is clear. 


When you need a place to safely park your RV while it’s not in use, come to East “O” Street Storage in Lincoln, NE. This self-storage facility has a wide variety of unit sizes and shapes to accommodate any needs. They are well-lit, have 24/7 security protection, and optional gas heating. There is also an onsite sewage dump for trailers and RVs. Visit their website to learn more about their indoor and outdoor storage solutions. Or call them today at (402) 489-0134 to speak with one of their friendly staff members. 

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