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5 Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs April 29, 2019

Ozark, Christian
5 Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs, Ozark, Missouri

Roofs are designed to last for decades but can wear out prematurely due to factors like severe weather and lack of proper maintenance. When this happens, you’ll need roof repair to prevent existing problems from getting worse. But how can you tell when the damage is superficial or if your roof needs the attention of a roofing contractor?

5 Signs You’re Due for Roof Repair

1. Damaged or Missing Shingles

If you have asphalt shingles, look out for ones that are broken, cracked, curled, or missing. Always replace damaged shingles, including any loose ones. Pay attention to sandy granules in the gutter as well — if they look more abundant than usual, it means that your roof is nearing the end of its functional life. Have a roof repair specialist assess whether certain small problematic areas can be patched up instead of replaced entirely.   

2. Wear & Tear on Roof Objects

Apart from your roof, take a close look at the structures perched on your roof, including the chimney, vent pipes, skylights, and other openings. Do they have damaged flashing or caulking around them? If so, have them fixed before they leak during inclement weather.

3. Moisture Damage

roof repairLeaks in your home can be the result of faulty plumbing, or they may be a sign that you need roof repair. It manifests itself through brown-colored stains on the ceiling and interior walls, along with peeling or cracked paint. If moisture issues are left unaddressed, it can lead to extensive water damage in your home, such as structural weakness, wood rot, and mold growth.

4. Light Peeking Through

Once in a while, check your attic during the day for streams of sunlight coming in through the roof. If you see daylight peeking in, water can come through those gaps — even if the holes seem minuscule. Hire a professional roofer to patch the openings to prevent water damage from rain and snow.

5. Rising Energy Bills

Has your energy bill gone up recently? Conditioned air will leak out through holes or cracks in the roofing system, which will increase your energy consumption. A roofer will find and fix these weak points in your roof. 


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