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4 Benefits of Reverse Osmosis June 3, 2019

Wappinger, Dutchess
4 Benefits of Reverse Osmosis, Wappinger, New York

Whether your water comes from city pipes or a private well, it’s essential to ensure the liquid is filtered and purified to keep your family safe. Reverse osmosis is one common option that many homeowners choose. Here is some insight into what this method has to offer to help you decide on the best filtration for your home.

How Reverse Osmosis Helps Homeowners

1. Low Maintenance

Reverse osmosis filters require little maintenance. The sediment filter will require replacement once a year. Annual sanitization with a specialized bleach is also critical to remove potentially harmful bacteria buildup. Contact a water care specialist to ensure your systems is working as efficiently as possible.

2. Varied Purification 

reverse osmosisMany filters offer only one or two settings. However, reverse osmosis filters offer various purification levels, so homeowners can personalize them to remove specific contaminants. Contact your municipal water department or filtration experts to test the water source for your home for chemicals, metals and bacteria. They’ll let you know how to set the filter to provide the best purification for concerns in the area.

3. Saving the Environment 

With reverse osmosis filters, you’ll no longer have to spend money on bottled water, minimizing plastic consumption and reducing your impact on the planet. Make sure your family has reusable bottles so they can bring water from home wherever they want. 

4. Softening the Water

Reverse osmosis removes many contaminants that can make water hard. Hard water typically has a strong metallic taste because of the presence of manganese, calcium, and iron. These minerals contribute to dry skin and brittle hair, make it difficult to achieve soap lather for thorough cleaning, and leave behind rust-colored or brown marks on sinks, tubs, and drains. By using the reverse osmosis method, you’ll avoid these issues.  


If you’re interested in installing reverse osmosis filters in your home or business, contact The Water Source in Dutchess County, NY. The company has offered residential and commercial water management for over 25 years. Call the Wappingers Falls-area company at (845) 297-1600 or visit the website for information on their filtration options to better your drinking, cooking, and washing water with top brands like Kinetico®.

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