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4 Considerations for Catering Service Portions May 6, 2019

Greens Farms, Westport
4 Considerations for Catering Service Portions , Westport, Connecticut

Whether you’re hosting a birthday or coordinating a work event, catering services will make the occasion memorable and supremely convenient. Getting to relax and mingle while someone else coordinates your kitchen is priceless. However, you’ll still need to make sure that you have the right amount of food to suit your guests. Here are four factors to discuss with your catering service company when planning to feed a crowd. 

What to Consider When Planning Your Catering Services

1. Number of Guests 

The single most important determinant of quantity is the number of attendees you expect. Have guests RSVP so you have an approximate headcount. For casual gatherings with 20 to 25 guests, two or three half-trays, two to three sides, and three dozen dinner rolls should be enough. Events with 75 guests or more will require several full trays of food. It’s better to overestimate than under; if you can’t obtain an exact tally, pick the higher end of your estimated range of how many mouths you’ll need to feed. 

2. Type of Guests 

The nutritional needs of your guests vary based upon their age and activity level. If you’re hosting a celebration for your son’s high school team after a big track event, for instance, you may want to consider doubling your order size to meet athletic appetites. Depending on your total headcount, three full platters of pasta will help them carb load for their next meet. Kindergartners at a birthday party may not need much more than a single platter of half-subs and a sheet cake to stay satisfied – but then you’ll also have to feed their parents or guardians.  

3.  Type of Event 

catering serviceThe type of event you host will impact your needs. Catering services for a lunchtime event will typically consist of half-sandwiches or wraps, two or three salads or sides, and a tray of cookies: enough for each guest to enjoy a light yet satisfying meal. Most people consume more at dinner, so if you’re having an evening event, you’ll need to provide more options, including hors d’oeuvres, two to three entrees from which your guests can choose, three or four sides, and dinner rolls. 

4. Event Duration

A longer event will require more food while a shorter one will require less. A 20-minute office meeting will only briefly be grazed over, while guests may linger at a two-hour retirement celebration and require more sustenance. 


No matter the size or type of your event, turn to Fortuna’s Deli & Catering of Westport. Based in Fairfield County, CT, this experienced catering service has menus to suit both intimate gatherings and well-attended bashes. Their delicious, authentic, and fresh food is sure to satisfy. Their attentive staff will help you create a convenient setup. Visit their website for more information, or call (203) 226-3587 to discuss your plans. 


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