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5 Ways to Childproof Your Home's Electrical Systems June 12, 2019

Davenport, Lincoln
5 Ways to Childproof Your Home's Electrical Systems, Davenport, Washington

Exposed electrical sockets and wires can seem like toys to your child, who may be tempted to play with them or insert fingers and objects into them. To keep curious little ones safe from electric zaps, there are some steps you can take to safeguard the wiring and outlets in your home. To help you start childproofing your systems, here are some ways you and your electrician can make potential hazards safer.

Childproofing Your Outlets & Cords

1. Outlet Covers

electricianOutlet covers keep little fingers from poking the slots in electrical plugs, which can result in shock. Use a sliding or locking cover to secure the entire area, or use small plastic inserts that block the sockets when they aren’t in use.

2. Plug Locks

To keep your child from unplugging any devices and potentially causing damage to your electronics, use a plug lock. They can be designed to fasten plugs to outlets, or can attach to the ends of your devices’ plugs to prevent them from being placed in an outlet by a child.

3. Cord Covers

When devices stay plugged in most of the time, keeping the cords out of reach can prevent your child from unplugging them or pulling a heavy appliance down, which could cause damage and injuries. Attach your cables to the wall with the help of tape or hook-and-loop fasteners, or have an electrician install permanent cord covers along your wall or floor to keep them invisible.

4. Tamper-Resistant Outlets

Much like childproof product caps, these outlets have small covers that slide into place behind each slot and are only opened when both parts are pressed at once. This can prevent your kids from inserting anything into outlet slots, which could result in electric shock.

5. Electrical Repairs

Any cracked, frayed, damaged, or incorrectly wired areas in your home can cause electrocution when handled, so if you notice any issues with your wiring, call an electrician to fix them immediately. Catching these problems early can also prevent them from growing more serious later, which could result in costly repairs and rewiring. 


If you need an electrician to repair or upgrade your wiring to keep your family safe, call Halme Electric and Pump in Davenport, WA. Operating in Lincoln County since 1985, they provide both electrical and water well services, including drilling and pump repairs. Their trained, licensed, and insured crew offers prompt, affordable installation and repairs to ensure the systems of your home work efficiently. Learn more about their services on their website, or call (509) 725-3500 to schedule an inspection.

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