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How to Design a Garden Path Through Your Landscaping May 6, 2019

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How to Design a Garden Path Through Your Landscaping, Cromwell, Connecticut

Amid landscaping staples like trees, shrubs, and flowers, every garden deserves a winding pathway on which to stop and smell the roses. However, with so many materials and configurations to choose from, designing a path to complement your property can be challenging. If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect plan, use the following pointers.

3 Tips for Building a Garden Pathway

1. Play With Shape

While most interior hallways are straight, L-shaped, or otherwise angular, gardens and outdoor spaces in general allow for more playful, whimsical designs. Unless your home is modern and you’d like the garden to follow suit, use this opportunity to play with shape. Instead of a straight path leading to a doorway, have it wind around flower beds and vegetable gardens, taking guests on a scenic path to their destination. 

2. Lead to Focal Points

landscapingWith so much buildup, a meandering path that ends up at an outer wall or with a dead end can be disappointing. With this in mind, make sure your pathway leads to focal points in your landscaping or hardscaping design. Whether it’s a pond, a gazebo, a bench, or a row of vine-ripened tomatoes, your family and friends will enjoy that their brief walk leads them to discover a new element of your yard. Add a border or edging of greenery along the path for additional visual interest. 

3. Consider the Material

The material your garden path is made of may be purely an aesthetic choice, but it’s also important to think about practical factors. If anyone in your family has mobility issues, or if you have small children who are just learning to walk, you may walk to pick a smooth surface with just enough texture to provide traction, such as interlocking pavers, brick, or stamped concrete. Other options include stonescapes, stepping stones, and gravel. 


If you’re interested in building a garden pathway, get in touch with the landscaping experts at The Lawn Surgeon LLC. Established in Hartford, CT, in 1985, this family-run business tends to residential and commercial properties alike. Whether you need routine lawn care services, or would like to build a pathway out of stone scapes or pavers, call them at (860) 635-1127 to get started. Visit the website for more information on their offerings.

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