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3 Common Spring Plumbing Problems to Be Aware of April 25, 2019

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3 Common Spring Plumbing Problems to Be Aware of , Pine Grove, California

Homeowners often need plumbing repairs in the spring after the ground thaws and the temperature changes. This is the main time of year when pipes crack and clogs form. Below are some of the top reasons you might need to call a plumber for plumbing repairs this spring.

What Plumbing Repairs Do Homeowners Typically Need in Spring? 

1. Poor Water Pressure

As snow and ice melt and the rainy season begins, new plant life will grow in your yard. As a result, tree or plant roots can puncture the underground pipes that make up main and sewer lines, causing homeowners to experience low water pressure or poor drainage. An experienced plumber can use tools and chemicals to remove invasive roots and repair damaged pipes. 

2. Drainage Problems

plumbing repairsYou may notice your sinks, showers, and floor drains draining more slowly, and there could be numerous causes. For example, excess hair and debris from any guests during winter might have built-up and formed a clog, or additional cooking over the holidays might have caused your garbage disposal or dishwasher to experience blockages. A plumber can inspect your plumbing and use specialized equipment to remove significant blockages that might be difficult to reach. 

3. Leaky Pipes

Cold weather can cause pipes to contract, while warm weather can make them expand. Anytime the temperature changes dramatically, your pipes are vulnerable to damage. Freezing water during winter can also fill pipes and cause cracks that may not be visible until your pipes thaw. Homeowners might notice higher water bills, standing water underneath cabinets, water stains on the ceiling or walls, and foul odors. Luckily, a plumber can find the source of the leak and repair it.


If you need plumbing repairs this spring in Sutter Creek, CA, call Amador Plumbing. This experienced plumber has offered affordable plumbing solutions to customers in the area for more than 20 years. Their plumbers are available for 24/7 emergency services, and are also licensed and experienced in a variety of plumbing problems. Call (209) 754-5444 or visit them online to schedule an appointment today.

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