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How to Write a Heartfelt Obituary April 29, 2019

East Price Hill, Cincinnati
How to Write a Heartfelt Obituary, Cincinnati, Ohio

When a loved one passes, you may be tasked with penning their obituary as part of the funeral planning process. This brief biography that shares news of an individual’s passing is separate from the eulogy that’s spoken during a memorial service. Instead, an obituary may appear in the local newspaper or on a funeral home website to announce a passing, so community members are aware. Here are a few recommendations to ensure your obituary is heartfelt and informative. 

4 Tips for Writing a Meaningful Obituary

1. Collect Biographical Information First

Funeral HomeWhile the primary objective of an obituary is to spread the news of an individual’s passing, this piece is also an opportunity to share biographical highlights and memorialize a loved one. Before you begin writing, reach out to friends and family to gather details on a person’s time on earth. Take down a list of relatives, key achievements, and major milestones. By having all of this information at hand, writing the article in a meaningful and substantive way will be easier. 

2. Write Fondly & From the Heart

Obituaries are often fact-based as you’ll be listing biographical details and funeral arrangements. That being said, it’s the personality traits and details that truly make an individual memorable. Don’t hesitate to include details on a person’s hobbies, sense of humor, or favorite belongings. 

3. Include Information on Funeral Arrangements

In addition to honoring your loved one’s time on earth and the family that’s been impacted, it’s important to include logistical information, so friends and members of the community are aware of services and the location of the funeral home. Typically this information is included at the bottom of an obituary. 

4. Review With Your Funeral Home 

Before sending the obituary to a local paper or online publication, reach out to your funeral home. The funeral director or another member of the staff can review this document to proofread and provide recommendations or advice to ensure you’ve covered biographical details, arrangements, and other pertinent facts within any word count restrictions provided by publishers.


If you’re planning a celebration of life in the greater Cincinnati, OH, area, Gilligan Funeral Homes is a compassionate and dedicated partner for making meaningful funeral arrangements. With over a century of experience, these funeral planning professionals can help you honor a loved one with dignity and grace. Call (513) 281-8311 to connect with their funeral director, and visit their website for more information on their history serving the local community.

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