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How to Determine an Engagement Ring Budget April 30, 2019

College Hill, Cincinnati
How to Determine an Engagement Ring Budget, Cincinnati, Ohio

The search for an engagement ring begins with realizing you’ve found the person you want to marry. Once you’ve found the one, decide how much you want to spend on the perfect ring. Here are some tips on creating a budget so you can prepare for this exciting milestone.

4 Pieces of Advice for Creating an Engagement Ring Budget

1. Consider Your SO’s Style

What jewelry does your significant other typically wear? If they rarely don gold but always stick with silver, consider purchasing a white gold or platinum engagement ring that fits your price range and matches their style. For example, a person who wears higher-end jewelry would likely appreciate a fancier piece, like a gold ring encircled with diamonds.

2. Factor in DebtsEngagement Rings

For many couples, paying off debts like credit cards and student loans is at the forefront of their financial goals. Your partner will appreciate that you considered this. Those who have significant debt may prefer a less-expensive ring, while people without much debt may choose a pricier option.

3. Think of Your Spending Goals

Are you and your partner saving up for a house or a car? Do you plan on having kids soon? For many people, these goals change how much they’re willing to spend on an engagement ring. Many people would rather put that money toward a down payment on a house than sport a big ring. Assess your goals as a couple before making this decision.

4. Decide Together

Today, many couples talk about engagement rings — and how much they want to spend — before the proposal. Agreeing in this way and making the decision together strengthens your bond and helps solidify your relationship.


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